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    Menstrual pain reduces spastic pain by relieving abdominal muscle tension due to thermal effects, reducing congestion and swelling by increasing blood circulation in the pelvis, and the anti-inflammatory effect of nitrogen oxide reduces inflammation and helps with upper lip healing. If you have cold, poor blood circulation, hemorrhoids, or prostate hyperplasia, improve your circulation with Lumiterapy Secret Care.

    Lumi Secret Care What Advantage

    Increased nitrogen oxide - LED red and near-infrared penetrates deep into the body, increasing the amount of nitrogen oxide. Roof effect - Warms the body by applying LED near-infrared and warms the Y-zone. Use without removing clothes - If operated in Day mode, you can wear clothes and still apply to the Y-zone. Easy to Carry- Its Slim and light design allows for it to be used anytime, anywhere.

    LED Light Penetrating deeply

    The RED LED can be visually checked when using the product, but the near-infrared light can not be visually seen. This is a normal phenomenon, please note the image was especially taken to help customers understand.

    Double Effect

    Secret care not only warms the body with a thermal effect but also light care. 66 red LED and 54 near-infrared light penetrates deep into the body, increasing nitrogen oxide.

    Light Therapy Near-Infrared Effect

    1. Blood flow improvement by vasodilation
    2. Relief of pain
    3. Anti-inflammatory effect and alleviation of edema
    4. Generation of capillaries and healing of cardiovascular wounds
    5. Beauty by improving the effects of removing wrinkles, skin elasticity, etc. because of collagen synthesis

    Day & Night Mode

    Day Mode

    Use with everyday clothes with the powerful LED.  Please use at 43-44 degrees for 12 minutes a session.

    Night Mode

    Recommended for use in the case of bare skin. The LED penetrates deep into the body for a quick and effective care. Please use at 36.5 degrees for a 10-minute session.

    Effective Y Zone Care

    What is the Y Zone?

    The region where your genital organs and bowel organs are located are commonly referred to as the Y zone in East Asia. It is also where the most capillaries in the body are located. If there is no blood circulation in this area, various symptoms such as a cold abdomen, uterus, irregular menstruation, menstrual pain, and hemorrhoids may occur. To prevent or to help treat these occurrences, we recommend that you keep your Y zone warm to facilitate blood circulation.

    Slim & Light Wireless Charging

    Whether you work from home, work in the office, or a student, you can manage this on the go. It can be used anywhere in a slim and light wireless charging system.

    Lumi Secret Care Dimensions
  • Product Name
    Lumi Secret Care
    Rate Power Consumption
    20 W
    LED Light Output
    30 mW
    Input Voltage
    5V DC 2A
    (W x L)
    12.4” x 12.4"
    2.65 lbs
    Usage Time
    12 min (Day Mode)
    10 min (Night Mode)